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Backyard Rink Kits 

HockeyShot is proud to offer Backyard Skating Rink Kits to help you create the perfect rink right at home! Choose from various sizes, including our top seller 20' by 40' Rink-In-A-Box, and several other popular sizes. Also choose from a variety of ice rink accessories, including Ice Resurfacers.

SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer

Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40'

The Rink-In-A-Box package includes the essentials to get started on building your own 20X40 Rink. Practice your hockey skills or play a game in your own backyard!.


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NiceRink Rink-In-A-Box NiceRink Outdoor Ice Rinks Ice Resurfacers 32, 52 & 66'' models Backyard Ice Rinks Bumper Caps
NiceRink Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40'
Price: $389.95
Sale Price: $379.95
The Rink-In-A-Box package includes the "key essentials" to get started on building your own 20X40 NiceRink. Practice your hockey skills or play a game in your own backyard! Starter Rink Packages are the best way to get started on a budget with the key essentials. You SAVE because each kit is based on standard sizes which reduces our cost and your price! The NiceIce resurfacer works on any surface. It makes ice like glass, in less time, less water and less hassle than just the hose. Thin controlled applications of water result in super smoot ice on any rink. BumperCaps come in 8 or 4 foot sections and provide two key aspects to your rink system. First they will hold the liner over the top of the boards, Second the safety yellow color and padding will protect the skater from the top edge of the boards.
Iron Sleek Ice Rink System
Iron Sleek supplies all the components you need to build a backyard rink. The steel made brackets are strong and compact so it doesn't take to much space during the off season..
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