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Online Hockey Training Programs
Looking for a great off-ice hockey training program? We've partnered with the top programs on the web, check them out today! 
The Interactive Hockey Trainer is the World's Most Comprehensive On-Line Training Tool for Hockey Players and Coaches. Sports Software Giant, Scouting Solutions has partnered with Andrews Hockey Growth Programs in creating this Cutting Edge program. Andrews Hockey is a World leader in Hockey Specific Development and have worked with many NHL stars including Pittsburgh Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby & Dallas Stars Centre Brad Richards.
IHT will provide aspiring players with Hockey Specific Physical Training, Technical Training, Mental Training, Dynamic & Specialized Nutritional Plans, Recommended Reading Material, Tips, Blogs, an Athlete Profile Page and many more Modules to help them take their game to the next level. 
The Interactive Coaches Trainer provides Coaches and Organizations a complete Management Tool for their club. Daily Practice Plans, Hundreds of Drills, an extensive Graphical Drill Builder, Off Ice Technical Exercises for your players to perform off ice, recommending reading, Long Term Athlete Development Plan and much more!
Andrews Hockey track record for training and developing NHL players is unparalleled. Each year thousands of players attend Andrews Hockey Summer Programs in Charlottetown PEI, Hundreds receive their training programs from Andrews Sport Conditioning and many Coaches attend their weekly Coaching Seminars. Hockey Players and Coaches now have access to world class hockey specific training programs through any internet connected computer in the world. Don't get left behind... this is Must Have for any Player or Coach!
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HockeyOT tailors each off-ice hockey training program to an incredibly specific level taking into account an athlete's: age, play level, position and previous training experience. All programs for youth, college, adult and professional hockey players include custom workout routines, hockey training videos and nutrition plan. Routines are generated to maximize the potential of each individual, and each exercise is explained using text, photographs, and videos of NHL players in order to ensure that they are performed to maximize results and prevent injury.

Personalized feedback, specific to each athlete, helps to measure growth as well as offer suggestions for areas of improvement compared to similar players. Athletes will also have access to the HockeyOT nutrition plan designed for optimizing athletic performance.

Hockey workouts are generated to be incredibly specialized to each individual athlete. All training routines are based off of the knowledge - and years of experience training hockey athletes - of Dr. Chad Moreau. The result is a hockey workout created to help athletes maximize their potential. With access to the best possible tools and techniques, HockeyOT strives to help you maximize your potential.

NHL players have several professional, full-time trainers available to help them to maximize their potential an advantage not available to most hockey players. While other physical training sites may offer gym routines, none can claim to offer comprehensive weight training and conditioning drills specifically tailored not only to hockey players, but each specific hockey player's ambitions.
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 If You Train Hockey Players,
You Are In The Best Place to Learn From
The Coaches That Train the Pros!
This is the ONLY Hockey Training Resource You Will Ever Need.
Videos, Programs and Articles Added Every Week with Incredible Discussions on the Members Only Coaches Forum
Try Us for 7 Days for Just $1! Then Only $9.95 a Month!
A subscription to
gets you instant access to:

- Video of The Week-
Videos of exercises and progressions from hockey's best strength coaches

- Tons of Articles
On Strength & Conditioning, Training Programs, Injuries, Female Training, Parenting, Coaching and More!
- Program of The Week-
Sample programs that our coaches are using in the trenches
- Webinars-
There are currently 7 webinars from Michael Boyle, Gray Cook, Sean Skahan, Jaime Rodriquez and Tim Yuhas!!
- The Coaches Forum
This is your chance to interact with the Best Hockey Strength Coaches on the Planet. Get your questions asked, start up new discussions or just browse all of the great info on there already.
- Audio Interviews And Much More!
All from the BEST Collection of Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coaches on the Planet!
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The S3 Formula is a phenomenal way to increase your Speed, Strength, and Size during the OFF-SEASON, but we want you to keep improving during the IN-SEASON as well and we haven't left you hanging! The In-Season information will show you how to modify the program to fit your practice and game schedule, so that your speed, strength and size KEEP improving all year round!!

Within the S3 Formula's Member's Area, you'll find the following sections:

  • Start S3 - This is going to teach you how to use the site, fill out the exercise worksheets, and tell you what equipment you'll need in order to successfully execute the program.
  • S3 Science - Basically a crash course in strength training and conditioning for hockey. This section is for the folks who want to know WHY we've got you doing what you're going to be doing this off season.
  • Exercise Bank - Contains 59 videos that demonstrate each lift we prescribe in the S3 Formula. These videos are downloadable and can be imported straight into your iPhone or iPod so you can bring them to the gym with you. It's like having your own personal trainer right beside you, making sure every lift is demonstrated correctly!
  • Materials - Where you'll find your workbook, which includes a list of equipment needed, your record tracker, worksheets, and a printable exercise guide. This guide comes in handy if you don't have the ability to bring the exercise bank videos to the gym with you. The materials section also contains an ever growing library of useful articles from highly reputable sources. Some of the topics included in these articles include Strength Training for Youth Athletes, Recovery, Supplementation, and many many more! These articles will give you greater depth and insight into the topic of strength training and conditioning for athletics.
  • Home - We use the Home page for your weekly updates. The S3 Formula off-season program is a 20 week course, designed to improve your Speed, Strength, and Size. Each week has a post, which gives detailed instructions on what you should be doing every step of the way. 
CLICK HERE for more information on the S3 Hockey Programs!
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