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HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit HockeyShot Roll-Up Pad One-Timer Combo Agility Ladder HockeySled Training Device
HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit
Price: $209.95
Sale Price: $169.95
HockeyShot Roll-Up Pad One-Timer Combo
Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $159.95

Run 1-man passing drills with the HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit, now featuring a larger front slope passer design for longer rallies and more practice. You can even use it to feed yourself one-timers!

The HockeyShot Roll-Up Pad One-Timer Combo is the ultimate 3-in-1 off-ice training system for developing your passing, stickhandling and shooting skills! The kit is available in 2 sizes: 4' x 8.5' and 4' x 10', and it features the HockeyShot One-Timer Passer.

Our agility ladders are perfect for a variety of drills and warm-up activities. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Heavy duty plastic construction with rubberized safety endcaps. Can be connected to another with easy quick release clips. 15', 20' & 30' available. The HockeySled™ removes the need for multiple off-ice exercises that try to mimic the hockey stride. This revolutionary training device takes the workout onto the ice and builds all the major leg, core and upper body muscles in just minutes per session.
I-Radd Hockey Gear Rack QuickStickz Stickhandling Game Trion SK8W8 Skate Weights Extreme Balance Board
I-Radd Hockey Gear Rack
Price: $49.97
Sale Price: $29.95
The I-Radd hockey gear rack fits in all standard sized hockey bags.  Lightweight, this rack is ideal to dry out hockey equipment after the game. Measures 18.5' by 36' by 34'. QuickStickz is a new revolutionary product that allows players of all ages to stick-handle the ball in front of the camera wile those movements are mirrored on-screen. QuickStickz comes with a special stickhandling ball and a USB camera that you connect to your computer. It's a fun new way to master stickhandling skill! The SK8W8 is an adjustable skate weight used by hockey players to build speed and explosiveness. Each SK8W8 has a high-impact nylon shell that holds up to three steel weights. The Extreme Balance Board effectively trains balance, stability, coordination, ankle and knee strength, and core power. The board also stretches and strengthens the ligaments and tendons in the legs.
Lower Body Power for Hockey - Legs and Core DVD Ultimate Hockey Blade Stickhandling Drills Chart 15 Ultimate Hockey Drills for Offense Smart Hockey Advanced Conditioning
15 Ultimate Hockey Drills for Offense
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99
Smart Hockey Advanced Conditioning
Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $24.99
The lower-Body Power for Hockey Performance: Legs & Core DVD explains how to link the legs and speed center to improve stride power, skating acceleration, shot velocity and dynamic balance. Ultimate Hockey Blade Stickhandling drills chart provides 9 stickhandling drills to improve your skills. Coach Rick Trimble features 15 of his favorite "Ultimate Hockey Drills" for offense. Each drill is diagramed and thoroughly explained by Trimble and followed by on-ice demonstrations. The book features systems for defensive, offensive and special-team situations, all accompanied by annotated, easy-to-understand diagrams.
Shots on Goal Tacki Mac Wrapped Texture Hockey Stick Grips I-Radd Black Hockey Bag with Rack Assembly
Shots on Goal
Price: $19.95
Tacki Mac Wrapped Texture Hockey Stick Grips
Price: $7.95
Sale Price: $6.95
I-Radd Black Hockey Bag with Rack Assembly
Price: $114.94
Sale Price: $69.97
Shots on Goal Goalies are Players Too! A technical guide for coaches, it provides an understanding of how to involve goaltenders within practice sessions that develop their skills, conditioning, and cognitive attributers without impeding the flow or planned objectives for the rest of the team. Tacki Mac's Wrapped Textured grip offers a tape like texture with added grip and durability. Tacki Mac grips improve grip and durability. Have you ever opened your bag and nearly fall over from the stench? i-Radd is the answer!  Just un-zip your bag, swing out the two arms and let the natural air do its thing!!
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