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Hockey Shot Strengthening Aids

HockeyShot provides a variety of Shot Strengthening tools to help develop your shot power on the ice. These various heavyweight pucks, weighted sticks & other shot strengthening aids can significantly develop your strength!

Shot Tec Strenthening Aids

Shot Tec Training Device

Shot Tec is the Worlds First Hockey Training Device that isolates and trains the exact muscle groups required for the perfect shot.


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Complete Shot Stick Weight HockeyShot Extreme Stick Weight Super Shooter hockey Training Aid Heavyweight Orange 10 oz puck
Hockeyshot Stick Weight
Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $11.95
Super Shooter Hockey Training Aid
Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $139.95

The Complete Shot Stick Weight Training System is a complete setup to improve your strength, hand quickness and power. Adjustable weight up to 16 ounces!

HockeyShots Extreme Stick Weight helps you build shooting and stickhandling muscles by slightly increasing the weight of your stick. Its heavy-duty Velcro straps make it safe and easy to secure, while its foam padding protects your shaft from friction damage.

The SuperShooter allows you to take 5 times the number of shots that you would normally take with pucks in the same amount of time! Practice all types of shots, as well as stickhandling rapid fire, one timers, and the slap pass, in the comfort of your home. Heavy weight 10 oz orange hockey pucks. Great for training! Manufactured by In Glas Co, an official supplier of the NHL.
Shot Tec Training Device PuckSock Stick Weight Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight PowerBlade Weighted Hockey Stick
Shot Tec Training Device
Price: $379.95
Sale Price: $199.95
Shot Tec is the Worlds First Hockey Training Device that isolates and trains the exact muscle groups required for the perfect shot. Score More Goals with Shot Tec! PuckSock, a hockey training device, builds wrist and forearm strength providing quicker, stronger hands that increase the speed, power and accuracy of your shot. Use both off and on ice - either on your blade for warm-ups, or on your shaft practicing shooting and passing. The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight is a training tool aimed at strengthening the muscles used to shoot the puck and stick handle. Hockey players can use any hollow shafted stick, with their preferred pattern and lie, to train. Within seconds, they can remove the weight and use that same stick in their practice or game. PowerBlade is the #1 Performance Weighted Hockey Stick! It's the only weighted composite hockey stick in the world that will help you develop faster hands, more control and a harder shot! Not only will you feel the difference, but youll see the difference - on the scoreboard.
Ultimate Hockey Stick Blade HockeyShot Extreme Radar SpeedTrac Radar Gun Pocket Radar
HockeyShot Extreme Hockey Radar
Price: $124.95
Sale Price: $104.95
SpeedTrac X Radar Gun
Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $139.95
Pocket Radar
Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $199.95
The Ultimate Hockey Training Blade is a weighted blade that can be used for both off and on ice training for any level of hockey ranging from Atom to Pro. Target the exact muscles needed for playing. Keep tabs on the growing strength of your shot with HockeyShots Extreme Radar Gun. It accurately measures speeds up to 150 mph and stores the last 10 readings so you can monitor your progress as you train. An incredible full featured and affordable sports radar. The all new sports radar unit has been given the SpeedTrac model designation as it has many improvements. Track you shot and see the improvement! With its sleek, compact, ultra portable design, the Pocket Radar device is designed for use by both professionals and everyday users in a wide range of applications. Easily track shooting, skating & passing speed, it's the best new training tool in hockey!
FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor
FWD Powershot Sensor
Price: $149.95
The FWD Powershot is the worlds most advanced sensor for hockey sticks, giving you data on your shot like the speed, the power and the angle of your swing.
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