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Latest Hockey Products

HockeyShot is proud to offer all the latest hockey training aids & accessories at the lowest prices! Make sure to visit our Web site often as we are continually adding new and exciting products to our fast growing line-up. If there is a new hockey product you would like to see on our Web site, don't hesitate to contact us.

G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 5' by 8' - Goaltender Model

Grit Tower Hockey Bag

The Grit Hockey tower takes the traditional hockey bag to the next level. Includes a Helmet and skate shelf, Wet dry bag, foot carpet & zippered removable front pocket.


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PowerSk8r Training Skate Weights SmartHockey Training Ball Mini SmartHockey Training Ball Maxx Grit Hockey Pod Sling Bag
Weighing 1 Lbs. the PowerSk8r Weights are perfect to help improve your strength, speed and performance on the ice. The SmartHockey Ball Mini is designed to develop "quick" hands with the feel of a real ice hockey puck. The core, weight, height, bounce and slide of the Smart Hockey ball are precisely matched to mimic the feel of an ice puck while playing on any off-ice surface. Grit Bags introduces the easy to carry sling strap Hockey Pod Bag. It's revolutionary built makes it very lightweight ultra durable.
FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor EZ Goal - Pro Steel FOLDING Goal & Goalie Tarp PF ProFormance Stick Wax - 4 Pack PF Performance Base & MaxControl Wax Combo
FWD Powershot Sensor
Price: $149.95
ProFormance Hockey Stick Wax - 4 Pack
Price: $39.80
Sale Price: $35.95
PF Performance Base & MaxControl Wax Combo
Price: $19.90
Sale Price: $18.90
The FWD Powershot is the world’s most advanced sensor for hockey sticks, giving you data on your shot like the speed, the power and the angle of your swing. The EZ Goal Professional Steel Foldable Goal is perfect for the driveway or pond. Strong and durable steel construction with rugged and rip-resistant weatherized netting. Backstop Rebounder protects doors and windows from stray pucks and balls and provides good puck rebound to the shooter. The ProFormance Waxes last longer than any other waxes on the market and gives you more tackiness so you get a better "feel" of the puck. Using the PF Base Wax with the PF MaxControl Wax allows you to get a better feel of the puck and to stop the ice and snow from building up on your blade.
PF Performance Base & ProControl Wax Combo HockeyShot Hockey Puck Bag Green Biscuit Canada The Goal Light Stick
PF Performance Base & ProControl Wax Combo
Price: $19.90
Sale Price: $18.90
Hockeyshot Puck Bag
Price: $13.95
Using the PF Base Wax with the PF ProControl Wax allows you to get a better feel of the puck and to stop the ice and snow from building up on your blade. The HockeyShot Puck Bag is made with heavy duty material and will hold up to 40 pucks. The Green Biscuit Canada is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop passing and stickhandling skills that will blow your competition away. Kids will love playing the game with this stick now fully equipped with it's own goal light and horn!
The Goal Light Fan Torch Goonstrip - Hockey Slash Guard PF GoalieGrip Hockey Stick Wax PF MaxControl Wax
The Goonstrip - Hockey Stick "Slash Guard"
Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $15.95
PF GoalieGrip Wax
Price: $9.95
PF MaxControl Wax
Price: $9.95
Recreate the excitement of a goal anywhere, anytime, with The Goal Light Handheld Torch! Protecting your expensive hockey sticks from chips and breakage - with the Goonstrip - will double or even TRIPLE the LIFE OF YOUR STICKS, saving you tons of money!  Don't play another game without one! The PF GoalieGrip Wax will give you a tight grip on your stick, giving you more accuracy on your shots and passes. The PF MaxControl is the tackiest wax from ProFormance, it allows you to have a better "feel" of the puck and stop the snow and ice from building up on your blade.
PF ProControl Wax PF Performance Base Wax Pink Smart Hockey Training Balls Hockeyshot Extreme Stickhandling Ball
PF ProControl Wax
Price: $9.95
Hockeyshot Extreme Stickhandling Ball
Price: $11.95
Sale Price: $8.95
The PF ProControl allows you to get a better "feel" of the puck and stops the ice and snow from building up on your blade. a long lasting coating,giving you that ultimate in coating protection & performance. PF Performance Base is the first step in the ProFormance Waxing process and offers superior adhesion to either the tape or blade. The core, weight, height, bounce and slide of the Smart Hockey ball are precisely matched to mimic the feel of an ice puck while playing on any off-ice surface. Puck control is the key to success on the ice. Work on it off the ice with HockeyShot’s Extreme Stickhandling Ball. Use this fast-moving trainer on any surface to practice everything from the basics to the jaw-droppers.
WinnWell Heavy-Duty Mini Goal WinnWell ProForm Heavy-Duty Goal Wall Mount Hockey Stick Rack by Evolution Danglator Stickhandling Aid

This Mini net will last you a LONG time with its 1.5” steel pipes and the polyester mesh build to be used with hockey pucks.

This net will last you a LONG time with its 2” steel pipes and the polyester mesh build to be used with hockey pucks.

The Evolution stick rack gives you a home base for your entire collection of hockey sticks and Keeps them off the ground, separated and organized.

The Danglator Stickhandling aid is design to teach you how to stick handle properly and can be easily installed around any hockey glove size.
The Power Suit Stop-It Retractable Net HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp Green Biscuit PRO Stickhandling Hockey Puck
The Power Suit
Price: $169.95
Green Biscuit PRO
Price: $14.95
The Power Suit provides unmatched comfort and versatility with a capacity to customize your workload in a unique way and you can ad up to 30 pounds of weight. The Stop-it! is a multi-purpose net for use around young children to establish safer play boundaries on your drive way, in your back yard, at the park etc... HockeyShot’s Extreme Shooting Tarp is a great hockey tool for home use. It’s big enough to cover large areas, and lets you practice your shot without damaging windows, garage doors and walls. It’s easy to install, very durable and great for anyone looking to improve their shot. Green Biscuit has kept all the great features of the Original Green Biscuit and added a few more! Enjoy a better touch & feel than any other puck on the market with the new side grips. Heavier puck weight for increased stability and a more realistic feel.
PROhockey Locker from HockeyShot­™ Green Biscuit Snipe Stickhandling Hockey Puck Fast Hands Stickhandling Trainer Aid AttackPad Hockey Training System
PROhockey Locker
Price: $184.95
Green Biscuit Snipe
Price: $15.95
These lockers are perfect to store your equipment and air them out well to remove that stinking equipment smell. It’s easy to install and can be install at the height wanted. Green Biscuit has taken their #1 selling stickhandling puck and designed it for shooting! It is the perfect puck to practice your shooting skills off the ice. Made from a softer material than the regular GB, the Snipe weighs 5.2 oz. The Fast Hands is the first fixed-shape stickhandling tool on the market, its angles and dimensions are set at the ideal measurements for height, length and weight to develop fine stickhandling skills. With 25 drills in the training video your puck control will get better in no time! The Attack Pad Hockey Training System is a revolutionary approach to hockey training products. The system not only includes the physical product, but also exclusive online training and results capturing resources. With this new approach, players have quantifiable evidence of their game improving!
The Goal Light NHL Edition Odor Gladiator Grit GT2 Sumo Goalie Tower Bag Shockbox Hockey Sensor
Odor Gladiator
Price: $15.95
The Goal Light can recreate that excitement anywhere, anytime, for any NHL Team! Odor Gladiator is the perfect solution for performance athletes and their families.  Odor Gladiator tackles the stench of intense sports such as hockey, lacrosse and football. The Grit Hockey tower takes the traditional hockey bag to the next level. The patented stand up design has many benefits such as: flow through ventilation which reduces odor and bacteria build up, shelves for storing gear keeps a player organized, wheels and stick attachments make mobility of gear effortless. The Shockbox sensor provides an immediate visual alert, via wireless transmission 328ft to your smartphone, that a player has experienced an at risk hit that may result in concussion.
Zipboard Retractable Whiteboard Pocket Radar Dangle Glove Stickhandling Aid
The Sportscreen Shooting Tarps
Price: $439.95
Sale Price: $409.95
Pocket Radar
Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $199.95
With the SportScreen, your driveway is transformed into the perfect hockey shooting zone! The SportScreen is made of an extremely durable, industrial strength material capable of stopping high speed hockey pucks and balls. It rolls up and out of the way at the touch of a button! Zipboard is the first and only portable, retractable whiteboard that users can wear on their hip or stow in their pocket or equipment bag. Once extended, this patent-pending product is a rigid, erasable writing surface that comes complete with a stowaway dry erase marker and eraser. With its sleek, compact, ultra portable design, the Pocket Radar device is designed for use by both professionals and everyday users in a wide range of applications. Easily track shooting, skating & passing speed, it's the best new training tool in hockey! This revolutionary stickhandling aid teaches proper technique while increasing wrist strength and hand speed. It is designed to allow bottom hand to move freely along the shaft while top hand controls the movement of the stick. Learn to stickhandle like a pro with the Dangle Glove.
Edge Again Motorized Skate Sharpener - Player Model SK8T Fuel Skate Blade Coating Hockey Tul - V 2.0 Deluxe Edge Again Portable Skate Sharpener
Edge Again is an easy to use non motorized manual skate sharpener. Restores up to 30 pairs of skates. Self aligns on blade. Sharpens four sides at once to restore both edges. This permanent, micro-thin, particle-free liquid film reduces friction and improves overall blade performance. SK8T Fuel reduces friction by maintaining a liquid layer between the skate blade and ice surface at all times. The Hockey Tul is the Swiss Army knife of hockey tools. It features multiple key tools that help make your life easier and your game better! Specifically designed to fix and adjust your helmet, skates, and other equipment. Edge Again is an easy to use non motorized manual skate sharpener. Restores up to 30 pairs of skates. Self aligns on blade. Sharpens four sides at once to restore both edges
Skate Squeegee Rollergard Rolling Skate Guard HockeyShot Extreme Stick Weight
Skate Squeegee
Price: $8.95
Hockeyshot Stick Weight
Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $11.95
Original Skate Squeegee is the most innovative product on the market that completely cleans and dries your hockey skates after you play. No more Dirty, STINKY rags. NO MORE CUTS fingers or hand! The Rollergard is a new innovative rolling skate guard that allows an ice hockey player or skater the option of roller skating on their ice blades when they are done at the ice arena. Hockey coaches of all age groups now have the option of warming up their players prior to their scheduled ice times.

HockeyShot’s Extreme Stick Weight helps you build shooting and stickhandling muscles by slightly increasing the weight of your stick. Its heavy-duty Velcro straps make it safe and easy to secure, while its foam padding protects your shaft from friction damage.

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