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Hockey Shooting Targets & Tarps

HockeyShot is proud to offer shooting targets & tarps to help improve your shooting accuracy, while protecting your garage, drywall & windows. We have a variety of hockey shooting targets & tarps ranging from the HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp, EZGoal Folding Backstop, Ultimate goalie and many more!

HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp

HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp

Protect walls and garage doors from puck marks while working on your accuracy with HockeyShot’s Extreme Shooting Tarp.


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EZ Goal - Pro Steel Folding Goal with Backstop Rebounder EZ Goal - Pro Steel FOLDING Goal & Goalie Tarp EZ Goal - Pro Steel FOLDING Goal with targets HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp
The EZ Goal Professional Steele Foldable Goal is perfect for the driveway or pond. Strong and durable  steel construction with rugged and rip-resistant weatherized netting. The EZ Goal Professional Steel Foldable Goal is perfect for the driveway or pond. Strong and durable steel construction with rugged and rip-resistant weatherized netting. Backstop Rebounder protects doors and windows from stray pucks and balls and provides good puck rebound to the shooter. The EZ Goal Professional Steel Foldable Goal is perfect for the driveway or pond. Strong and durable  steel construction with rugged and rip-resistant weatherized netting. HockeyShot’s Extreme Shooting Tarp is a great hockey tool for home use. It’s big enough to cover large areas, and lets you practice your shot without damaging windows, garage doors and walls. It’s easy to install, very durable and great for anyone looking to improve their shot.
EZGoal Folding Backstop Puck Rebounder with targets Rick O Shay Goal Blocker
The Sportscreen Shooting Tarps
Price: $439.95
Sale Price: $409.95
Ultimate Goalie Hockey Target
Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $139.95
Puts an end to "lost puck syndrome". Protects doors and windows from stray pucks and balls. No more chasing pucks and balls. Perfect for rebound shot practice. With the SportScreen, your driveway is transformed into the perfect hockey shooting zone! The SportScreen is made of an extremely durable, industrial strength material capable of stopping high speed hockey pucks and balls. It rolls up and out of the way at the touch of a button! The Ultimate Goalie is the best goalie on the market. No exposed bungee cords to break! Patented "Lift Up Design" allows easy collection of pucks. Ballistic grade Nylon for long lasting durability. Easily installs on any regulation size net. Rick-O-Shay is the world's first 3-Dimensional goal blocker. Durability, creativity and realism combine to make Rick-O-Shay the best substitute for an actual goalie on the market.
Shooter Tutor Insta-Net Shooting Tarp EZ Goal - 4 Corner Targets
Shooter Tutor
Price: $159.95
EZ Goal - 4 Corner Netting Targets
Price: $22.95 (includes 4 corner targets)
The Power Pocket Goalie Series fits perfect on a 4' x 6' goalie net and is installed by quick release ball and bungee cord attachments. Made for pucks and balls. The Shooter Tutor features 5 targets, built to handle any shot. Set up in seconds with the bungee cord fastening system. The Shooter Tutor is the perfect substitute for a goalie! This is one of the most convenient and “real like” shooting tarps on the market today. Built with quality material ( 13 oz reinforced vinyl). EZGoal Corner Netting Targets are the perfect way to help improve shooting accuracy! Includes 4 removable corner targets. Targets easily attach  to all 4' by 6' goals and are a great way to collect pucks!
Top Shelf Targets Mr. Goalie Shooting Tarp EZGoal Folding Backstop - Replacement Netting 5mm
High Density Poly-Ethylene, 1/2 inch thick. Attaches with heavy, woven nylon webbing. Secures in seconds with unique steel interlocking buckles. This helps a shooter drill the spots goalies find so hard to defend. Made for use in tough, ice hockey environments. The die cut target is constructed of 40oz nylon re-enforced vinyl that absorbs the shock of the puck. The Snipers Edge shooting tarp is the fastest way to a harder, more accurate shot while protecting your home from puck marks, sheetrock holes and other damage. The EZ Goal Backstop Rebounder 5mm replacement netting fits perfectly onto your EZ Goal. Features netting for 2 side pannels and top rebounding area. Fits all EZ Goal Backstop products.
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