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Synth ice
  • John Tavares
    "I'm always looking for an edge to my game. HockeyShot products are great to help keep my puck handling & shooting sharp during the summer. All of their products help me to prepare better for the next season." - John Tavares, Pro Hockey Player, New York Islanders
  • Marie-Philip Poulin
    "HS Training Aids are a big part of my off-ice season practice. To be an elite Olympian, I need to stay sharp, products like the HS Tiles, Passer Pro, Dangler and Slide Board Pro allow me to maximize my performance and be ready for the big games. HS Products are helping me improve my game everyday." - Marie-Philip Poulin, 2x Olympic Gold medalist, Team Canada Captain
  • Jordan Staal
    "I wish I would have had access to HS Synthetic Ice when I was a kid aspiring to be an NHL player. Their Synthetic Ice is the best I’ve ever skated on, and it allows me to train at home during the summer. Their training aids are now an essential part of my off-ice training. Join the HS revolution, I did!" - Jordan Staal, Pro Hockey Player, Carolina Hurricanes
  • Caroline Ouellette
    "I currently run female hockey camps in Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI. Hockeyshot has allowed us to create a fun environment in which young female players are learning and improving by doing high repetitions of a particular skill. Whether we are working on skating, shooting, passing, stick handling, dekes or deceptive moves, Hockeyshot’s products are remarkable. The HS Extreme Dangler, Attack Triangle Pro, Passing Pro, and Extreme Shooter Tutor challenge players at every level." - Caroline Ouellette, 4x Olympic Gold medalist, Canadian Olympic Teams
  • alexei yashin
    "HockeyShot products allow me to design workout the way I want to. With a variety of different training aids, I can maximize my skills and help get the most out of others during their training!" - Alexei Yashin, FORMER NHL CAPTAIN
  • "HockeyShot truly is the leader for innovative ice hockey training products. They continue to push the envelope, achieving success in creating off & on ice tools that any hockey player (young or old) would be happy to own. If you want to improve your game, HockeyShot is the only way to go!” -Jeremy Rupke, How To Hockey
  • barber
    "I am really excited to have the HS Dangle Puck! It has a ball bearing on the bottom to allow it to slide just like a normal puck on real ice and is necessary for off-ice training. You’re going to be able to practice just like you normally would at the rink. The puck allows you to have the speed of stick-handling on ice and you’re not going to have to do any extra work. It truly feels just like it would on ice. IT’S REVOLUTIONARY!” - Pavel Barber, Stickhandling Specialist
  • allen
    "The Hockey Shot products really made my off season training adaptable to my on ice/in season performance. The consistency of the slide board made me feel similar to what I do on the ice and to keep my condition at peak levels. Great tool to keep your body sharp and ready for the season!" - Jake Allen, St. Louis Blues
  • barkov
    “I have always been a big fan of shooting pucks during the summer. HockeyShot products took it to another level. Now, I'm not only shooting pucks… I can dribble, pass, sauce and practice one timers. Allstar tiles are amazingly slick and you just can't get any closer to real ice feeling.  Overall, the products are a lot of fun and help preparing me for on-ice situations.” - Aleksander Barkov, Florida Panthers
  • chabot
    “HockeyShot products are amazing for a prospect like me trying to make my way to the NHL. The Allstar Tiles are super slick and very similar to ice and are great for stickhandling or shooting. The Passer Pro is ideal to practice one-timers and receiving passes like in-game situations.” - Thomas Chabot, Ottawa Senators, 2017 World Junior Championship MVP