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Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40'

Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40'
Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40' Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40'

Rink-In-A-Box 20'x40'


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Creating a rink in your Backyard is now possible with the Rink In A Box 20”x40”. Very affordable, this will allow players to have fun outside during the wintertime.

Package contains:
  • 34 - NiceRink Brackets (fits 3/4" plywood) - plywood must be purchased separately.
  • 1 - 24' x 44' heavy duty ice rink liner
  • 1 - Roll 4" X 25' NiceRink Patch Tape
  • 1 - Tube 1oz Underwater Glue
  • 1 - NiceRink Logo Puck
  • 1 - Instruction Booklet & Catalog
  • 1 - Bobby Hull Picture/Statistics Card
  • Yellow NiceRink Bumper Caps are not included in kit. To purchase, click here.
  • Rink Kit does not include white NiceRink boards.
The Rink-In-A-Box package includes the "key essentials" to get started on building your own 20X40 NiceRink. Practice your hockey skills or play a game in your own backyard!
Note: Rink Kit does not include white NiceRink boards (seen in video) or plywood. Plywood must be purchased seperately.
Nice Rink Brackets: NiceRink® brackets were designed and engineered based on knowledge gained from building and skating on our own outdoor rinks using the traditional sideboard and pounded stake method. The NiceRink® brackets eliminate the need to “build” a rink. They are easy to use and cut installation time by at least half. With that in mind, we know you’ll enjoy the practical purpose and clean look of the bracket’s design on your NiceRink. Spaced every four feet, NiceRink brackets accommodate 3"-14" of ice with no additional support needed. This is done using 3/4" thick plywood in variable height panels of 12", 16" or 24" depending on your rink’s location, design and how the rink will be used.
Installing the Nice Rink brackets - (white boards are not included in the Rink Kit)
The ability to adjust the board height makes it easier to erect a rink on uneven or sloping ground. The minimum board height is 12" with a maximum suggested height without additional support of 24". This allows for as much as a 10" pitch (14" of ice) using the NiceRink backyard ice rink brackets alone. For rinks on uneven or sloping ground, we have now added an extra board support component into the bracket, where a 1" x 4" x 19" board can be added and attached for additional sideboard support. There is also a 3⁄4" diameter stake hole within the bracket to provide extra stability when needed. Frost-penetrating 3⁄4" steel stakes are available in 18" and 24" lengths. Brackets should be placed every four feet along the perimeter. Place them every two feet apart and add 1 x 4's and/or steel stakes into the bracket for any areas with deeper than 14" of water/ice. NiceRink® brackets are made with super UV resistant, treated poly compounds to last over 12 years.
Rolling out the liner
Nice Rink FAQ:
Q: Must the ground be perfectly level before installing my NiceRink?
A: No. Most yards are not level in order to provide proper drainage away from the home. The NiceRink system can be setup on slopes of 14” very easily and larger slopes with a little extra care. Your ice will be level no matter what the slope is, as water seeks it’s own level.
Q: Do, I need a large area for a full size rink in order to skate well?
A: No. Even if you only have room for a small NiceRink, your family can enjoy hours of skating enjoyment. Larger rinks will accommodate a greater number of skaters as well as a greater variety of activities and games.
Q: How many seasons can I expect from my NiceRink liner?
A: Your NiceRink is designed to give you many years of service. Accidental damage is easily repaired using our NiceRink tape or underwater glue systems. The liner should be taken up once the weather thaws the ice and stored properly to ensure many years of use.
Q: What is the best time to install my NiceRink?
A: The NiceRink Brackets should be installed before the ground freezes, as it is hard to pound stakes into frozen ground. For the liner installation, any time after the onset of cold weather is a good time to install your NiceRink liner. It is best to fill the liner immediately after it is in place to prevent accidental damage from high winds or animals. Walking on the liner with the wrong shoes or over sharp objects left underneath can cause damage.
Q: How will rain and snow affect the surface of my NiceRink?
A: Snow can easily be removed by using one of the many NiceRink shovel designs or a standard snow blower. A NiceIce resurfacer will return even the worst of surfaces back to skating condition no matter what the situation, provided the weather stays below freezing.
Q: Will my NiceRink damage my lawn?
A: Absolutely not. Your lawn will come back with no significant problems once the rink is taken down and spring gets into full gear. By the end of May you’ll be wondering where the rink was.
Q: How cold does it have to be for NiceRink to work?
A: There must be extended periods of time when the temperature is below 32 degrees F, otherwise the water will not freeze. Generally, if you have nights that are in the low twenties and high teens F, and days that don’t get much above 35 degrees F, you’ll have a rink you can skate on. With NiceRinks’ ultra-white colorant, even the sunniest days at 32 degrees F won’t have much effect on a NiceRink.
Product Testimonials:
"This is my third year making a backyard rink. It's 100 feet by 50 feet. Thank goodness I found NiceRink to make it MUCH easier and better! The family quality time experienced is immeasurable! Thanks NiceRink!"
J. Woodall-Lake Bluff, IL

"Great Product! Our entire family in one satisfied customer!"
Stef L.~ Aurora, Illinois
"We usually get about 20-25+ really good skating days in western PA and it is worth everything to us. Neighbors love coming over and already 2 other people have put up rinks based on hearing about ours. You definitely have helped to create "frozen memories". Thanks again!"
Sean P. - Pittsburgh
“I just wanted to let you know that everything has worked out great for our rink so far. I got the steel stakes into the ground really easily with a sledge hammer, even though it was pretty well frozen. Getting the rink set up with the brackets took very little time, so thanks for a great design! I got the water in before the deep freeze came and we were skating two days later. I'll have to send you some pictures. My family is very pleased and I wanted to thank you for all your help. You guys do a great job."
Mark G ~ Huntley, IL
"Dear NiceRink Company, We certainly have many frozen memories to look back on this year since our rink officailly opened on New Years Day! We are hopeful for many more to come. As of today, January 19th we have had 64 people skate on the rink along with 5 of our favorite neighborhood dogs. Our rink is the most popular place to be this winter. We are getting everyone to come out to skate, play hockey and even celebrated our daughters 8th birthday on the ice - yes, it may have been only 18 degrees out this past Saturday night but we all had cake out on the picnic table and had a great pick up game of hockey. The 20' x 40' starter kit worked out so well and it was very easy to assemble. We are looking forward to next winter when we will install a much bigger rink. We recently put an addition on our house and took that opportunity to flatten out our not so even yard - yes, my wife got a new master bedroom suite and I got a hockey rink that is awesome! Thanks for all the frozen memories you have helped us create."
M. Roy ~ Maine
"This rink puts a whole lot of smiles on both kids and adults. This was the best gift Santa brought this year..And the best thing is.. It keeps on giving year after year.. The only problem we have (with all the kids in the neighborhood) we are always running out of hot chocolate.. A fantastic item for the winter...Can't be better...A fantastic product you guys put out. We may need to expand..."
Stephen F ~ Long Island, NY
"As soon as I get an inch or so of ice, I go out with a stick, stand on the outside of the rink and just pass the puck around, running all around the boards. Neighbors probably think I'm nuts!"
Kyle L in Douglas, MA


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