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Russian Box Training System

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Russian Box Training System
Russian Box Training System Russian Box Training System Russian Box Training System Russian Box Training System

Russian Box Training System


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Once you start using the Russian Box, results will show a stronger skater, who has the ability to stay low to the ice, extend stride by an additional 5-10" from previously, out-skate the competitor, and be INTENSE in every shift. All of this will be attainable once the Russian Box is incorporated into their dry-land training program.
"No other plyo metric offers a more skating-specific range of motion or muscle strengthener than this unit does."

The Russian Box® is your answer to all of the following:
Explosive Leg Power
Core Strength

How does it work: With your knees bent and head up, load up on one leg (back foot touching) and explode as high as you can from one platform to the other. This is not a lateral jump box. It is intended for high explosive jumps. Doing so, you will increase your balance, coordination, endurance, agility, control, and most importantly one legged explosive power. When you receive your Russian Box ™, there will be a complete training guide show correct form and technique. This guide will also provide a complete training manual with over 38 plyometric exercises to incorporate into your dryland program.

Product Includes:

  • Heavy Duty Construction to Last a Lifetime.
  • Guaranteed improvement for on-ice explosive power!
  • Longer and more powerful strides.
  • Balance , Control, Agility and so much more!

Product Testimonials:

"Mastering the game of hockey comes from mastering the fundamentals.
Skating is top priority. The better you skate, the better you play,
period. The russian box may just be the best fundamental training tool for
hockey players. No cables, pulleys, or machines...just one solid training piece that if used will absolutely increase speed, balance and power.
I am happy to recommend and support the russian box 150%."
Peter Dale
Former Collegiate Ice Hockey Player
5 Time Roller Hockey World Champion
Founder of USA Clinics,
The #1 Roller Hockey Instructional Program in the Country
“My experiences with the Russian Boxes started as a junior in high school. I didn’t have very good individual leg strength as a tall skater. The more I used the boxes, I developed more strength in my legs the better skater I became and the more powerful my stride was. I’ve grown from being an ok skater with decent mobility to a pretty damn good skater with good mobility for my size. Currently: I am a junior Defenseman @ Boston College playing in the Hockey East conference. I have no doubt in my mind that I have made tremendous improvement in my skating ability because of the use of the Russian boxes over the last 6 years. In my off season workouts the Russian Box is one of the most important pieces of equipment I have in my training. The boxes are high quality and worth every penny spent!”
Andrew Alberts , Boston Bruins
The Russian Box is best hockey specific leg workout that I have come across & I am very glad it was recommended to me. I found it to be a great training tool for developing leg strength & lateral explosiveness, while working the legs independently, a very important key for skating power. With proper warm up it is very safe for all ages & great for training muscle memory for younger players.
Mike Florin, South St. Paul Youth Hockey Coach
Train Like a Pro(NHL, IHL and European Elite Leagues, Certified through the International Sports Science Association as a Specialist in Sports Conditioning, and through the American Fitness Professionals Association as a Certified Strength Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer)
"I am extremely excited about 'this' new product we have bought. I have tried this plyometric device out and it is the finest unit I have ever been on. It is another great hockey specific tool that we will be adding to our new facility (Train Like a Pro). The concept of the Russian Box is to increase first stride speed and lateral explosiveness, the two most important elements for any hockey player. We will have their strongest commercial model which is extremely durable. It is very obvious Total Prep has done their home work and has come up with a piece of equipment that will highly benefit any athlete, especially hockey players. I don't endorse many products but this one is so far superior to other products that I am excited to spread the word about it."
2 months later:
We have been using the Russian Box at our sport specific training facility for about two months and are absolutely thrilled with the results our athletes are getting. It has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in our gym. We train over 100 OHL players and strengthening their skating muscles is a top priority. The large landing surface and solid design, has allowed our athletes to explode much further then our other lateral box. I highly recommend that any player trying to improve their stride power and frequency use the Russian Box, as it is by far the best piece of equipment available.
Kevin Miehm

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