Skate harder, better, faster, and stronger with HockeyShot’s skating aids. Skating is a central part of hockey, and being able to move effectively up and down the ice will give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

HockeyShot is your source for premium skating training aids in the US. Train with our variety of premium aids, including Synthetic Ice, Slide Boards, Skate Weights, and more!


Train like the pros when you train with HockeyShot’s skating aids. We are a leading seller of quality hockey skating aids in the US and carry training aids for hockey players with varying levels of experience. As you and your skills grow, we grow with you.

Go from a bender to an all-star in no time when you practice with our skating aids. Our skating aids will help give you the stability on the ice you need to beat the competition. We offer a wide range of skating training aids to take your on-ice skills to the next level:

Slide Boards Synthetic Ice
Balance Boards Accessories

Slide Boards

Improve your skating stride with HockeyShot’s skating slide boards. Athletes worldwide use our slide boards to improve their performance training and build power and strength in their legs. Our slide boards will help you develop the strength and skills you need to give you an edge over others.

Balance Boards

Build your balance, focus, and muscle strength with HockeyShot’s balance boards. Our balance boards are an ideal skating aid to help you improve your on-ice skating balance, off-ice.

Synthetic Ice

Get the home-ice advantage when you invest in synthetic ice from HockeyShot. With a synthetic ice skating rink, you can practice your dangles, sniping, shots and more, all in the comfort of your own home.

Why pack your hockey bag and compete for ice time when you can get ice time without leaving your home? Browse our synthetic ice skating rinks today.


HockeyShot offers a variety of accessories for your ice skating aids. We carry skate trainers and skate weights in the US to help you take your training to the next level. Our skating accessories will make a big difference for your ice skating game.