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Extreme Dryland Puck

Sale price $8.24 Regular price $10.99
Sale price $8.24 Regular price $10.99
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The Extreme Dryland Puck has 12 gliders on both sides for more speed on shooting pads, flooring tiles and other smooth surfaces. It's the same size as a regulation puck, and is even ridged on the side for a real-puck feeling on your stick.


Improves Shooting
Improves Stickhandling
Improves Passing

Product Features

  • 12 plastic gliders on both sides for unmatched speed.
  • Rubber construction like a real ice hockey puck.
  • Same size as real ice hockey puck, but 1 oz. lighter.
  • Stays flat and won't tumble or flip over.
  • Great for developing your "toe drag" technique and other puck-handling skills.
  • Can be used on any smooth, flat surface.
  • Designed for stickhandling and shooting.

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