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Stickhandler Bundle

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Improve your skills with the HockeyShot Stickhandling Bundle. This combo is essential for developing your shooting and stickhandling muscles and includes the , Dangle Puck 2.0, Extreme Dryland Puck and the 6 oz. Stick Handling Weight


Improves Shooting
Improves Stickhandling
Improves Passing
Improves Strength & Conditioning

Product Features

  • Develop shooting and stickhandling muscles.
  • The Dangle Puck 2.0 is exactly the same size and weight as a traditional ice hockey puck.
  • The Dangle Puck 2.0's plastic gliding surface is designed to minimize friction and has a stainless steel ball bearing on both sides..
  • The Dangle Puck 2.0 is ideal for training on All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles and shooting pads, but is not recommended for use on asphalt or pavement.
  • The Extreme Dryland Puck has 12 plastic gliders on both sides for unmatched speed.
  • The Extreme Dryland Puck features rubber construction like a real ice hockey puck but 1 oz. lighter.
  • The Extreme Dryland Puck is designed to stay flat so it won't tumble or flip over.
  • The 6 oz Stick Weight will produce great results in only minutes of use per day.
  • The Stick Weight is reinforced with heavy duty Velcro for safety and easily fits on the end of your hockey stick shaft.
  • The Stick Weight includes foam padding to ensure that no damage is done to your favorite stick.