Steven Wong is a WORLD RENOWN SPORTS TRAINER who demonstrates the proper techniques to get the most out of your daily exercise. If you want to make it in the hockey world, it is essential to watch these videos to see what exactly it takes to succeed on and off the ice. Wong shows how the HockeyShot SKLZ products maximize an athlete’s ability to GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR GAME. As informative as he is entertaining, Wong, with the assist from HockeyShot, gives you the tools you need to take your hockey skills to the next level!


The SKLZ Agility Cones are the perfect product for the hockey player who wants to get the most out of their workouts. Its combination of mobility, agility, and being adaptable are essential for hockey players of all ages and skill levels. WHETHER YOU’RE IN THE PROS OR JUST STARTING OUT, these cones will give you a workout that is as challenging off the ice as anything you will do on the ice. Steven Wong skillfully teaches you how to properly warm yourself up with a rigorous workout that is DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH you need to be your best inside and outside the rink. As durable as they are fundamental, the cones are an absolute must to get the most out of your mind, body, and hockey performance level.

Breakfast Table

Steven Wong methodically demonstrates how Isometric Contraction is an excellent exercise for hockey players of all ages. It is something you can do literally anywhere in and outside your home. A move that requires work ethic and patience, but is ABSOLUTELY REWARDING with how well it works your body into the best it can be. By doing Isometric Contraction you are building and repairing soft tissue. This is VITAL TO ALL ATHLETES, BUT ESPECIALLY HOCKEY PLAYERS who are constantly starting and stopping on the ice, which leads to a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the body. The Sagittal Lunge is an important next step to get your body shredded into exact peak performance. They may look easy but these positions are not easy to master!


The Elevation Ladder is an adaptable product that gives you exactly what you need as a hockey player. It allows you to do the exercises you want that will GIVE YOU AN EDGE ON THE ICE. Steven Wong shows how a hockey player should properly use their body in order to get the most out of this product. With tremendous ease, the Elevation Ladder can be moved upright to give the athlete an entirely new set of exercises ranging from working with movements in your feet, legs and even arms! Hockey players must have tremendous foot work to stop and start on the ice and this product allows you to practice tremendous foot movements. The Elevation Ladder will fall flat if you hit it, giving you automatic feedback of your performance. Give yourself plenty of time to practice agility and lateral quickness as you need it to ELEVATE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!


The SKLZ Reaction Ball is an indispensable product that all hockey players must own. Steven Wong shows how it works to IMPROVE YOUR HAND EYE COORDINATION to a level that is required to be your best on the ice. Reaction time is different for all hockey players, but is a necessity if you want to truly make your mark out there. Goalies will definitely benefit from the Reaction Ball, and will absolutely see their reflexes improve after using this product. Bouncing pucks is something forwards, defensemen, and goalies all deal with, and the Reaction Ball will greatly improve your ability to handle anything that is bounced at you. The Reaction Ball is extremely adaptable as you can USE IT INSIDE YOUR HOME, outside on the garage doors, or literally anywhere you can bounce a ball. With the Extreme Stickhandling Ball and the Swedish Wooden Ball, the same principle applies, grab a stick and practice your skills on any surface you can find to give you an explosive performance.

Jump & Sprint

SKLZ Hopz 2.0 is exactly what you need for EXPLOSIVE LEG POWER and strengthen your muscles. It is the most durable product of its kind and Steven Wong cannot recommend it enough for all athletes including hockey players. High intensity bands allow for a WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS to make this product as comfortable as you need it to be. The vertical jump allows for maximum explosiveness. When your done jumping, change into a sprint with the SKLZ SpeedSac! It comes with weight bags that can be filled with sand to be extremely versatile. Sprinting with the SKLZ SpeedSac gives you an OPTIMAL EDGE ON YOUR OPPONENTS who are running without extra weight attached to them. Another way to train with resistance is the Speed Chute. It will maximize acceleration through all kinds of exercises. Weather does not matter when you are using the Speed Chute, in fact the windier the better!


We hope you enjoyed our Wongmania Performance Training videos! Remember that HockeyShot offers all kinds of fun & dynamic training aids to help improve your hockey skills! Whether you’re an elite athlete like Justin Baker or just starting out like 6-year-old Marcus, HockeyShot has everything you need. It’s never too late to start something you feel passionate about. THE FUTURE OF HOCKEY STARTS NOW!